ATS Integration

TestDome provides easy-to-use integration with some of the popular applicant tracking systems. You can invite candidates to your TestDome tests directly from your ATS UI. After candidates complete the test, results will be pushed to your ATS account.


On the candidate page in SmartRecruiters, you can select Skills Test and a popup with the Skills Test picker will be opened. There you can find your TestDome tests to which you can invite the candidate. After you invite the candidate, TestDome will send the invitation email to him or her. When the candidate completes the test, TestDome will push the results to SmartRecruiters, and you will see the results both in the Assessments box and on the Activity tab.

Please to request integration with SmartRecruiters.


When creating a Job in Greenhouse, you can add a TestDome test as a stage for the Interview Plan. When a candidate reaches that stage, you can invite him or her to a TestDome test by entering the email, after which TestDome will send the invitation email to the candidate. When a candidate completes the test, the results will be available on the candidate's page, so you can analyze them and continue to the next stage for the candidate.

Please to request integration with Greenhouse.

API access

If you use some other ATS or a custom solution, our API allows your application to interact directly with the TestDome platform.