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Need to practice your Spark skills for an upcoming job interview? Try solving these Spark interview questions that test knowledge of Spark framework concepts. We’ll provide feedback on your answers, and you can use a hint if you get stuck.

These Spark interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen job candidates such as Big Data Engineers, Spark developers, Spark administrators, Spark testers, and others that require knowledge of the Spark framework.

1. Game Stream

Apache Spark Spark Multi-Node Cluster New Public

To analyze live streaming gameplay data of an online game, a new Spark based application is developed. But, deploying and running the application on a cluster with 1 driver and 3 worker nodes is throwing the "Initial job has not accepted any resources" error.

Which options are potential explanations for the error?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

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2. Nearby Places

Apache Spark RDD Operations Resilient Distributed Dataset New Public

Mapper, a GPS based map program uses Spark at its backend to find all specified locations within a given distance 'd' from user's current location. The program works on an RDD named coordinateRDD which contains GPS locations of a searched location type, for example 'restaurants'.

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