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Try to solve 4 Bootstrap interview questions below. Hints can help you find answers to questions you are having trouble with.

1. Modal Dialog

Modals Plugins

The HTML page contains a button and modal dialog.

Using just Bootstrap's HTML attributes and no JavaScript, add attributes to the elements so that:

  1. When the Open button is clicked, the modal dialog is opened.
  2. When the Close button is clicked, the modal dialog is closed.
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4  

  •   Open button has correct attributes : Wrong answer
  •   Close button has correct attributes: Wrong answer
  •   Open button shows dialog: Wrong answer
  •   Close button hides dialog: Wrong answer

2. Tooltip

Plugins Tooltips

Using only Bootstrap's style classes alter the anchor so that when mouse is hovered over it, the following tooltip is displayed:

A bootstrap hover-over effect.

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4  

  •   Tooltip visibility: Wrong answer
  •   Tooltip location: Wrong answer
  •   Tooltip contents: Wrong answer

3. Warning Button

Buttons Styling

Using only Bootstrap classes, write the HTML markup to display a Button that looks like this.

The image icon URL is ''.

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4  

  •   Button text: Wrong answer
  •   Button type and image: Wrong answer
  •   Button shape: Wrong answer
  •   Button color: Wrong answer

4. Test Links

Grid layout

Using Bootstrap classes, modify the div element with the id "links" so that on extra small resolutions (<576px), each link and ad takes one whole row. It should look like this:

On small resolutions and higher (≥576px), both links should take one half of the row and the ads should be invisible. It should look like this:

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4  

  •   Each element takes the whole screen width on extra small screens: Wrong answer
  •   Links are in the same row on larger screens: Wrong answer
  •   Each link takes half the screen width on larger screens: Wrong answer
  •   Ads are invisible on larger screens: Wrong answer

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