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Try to solve 4 Bootstrap interview questions below. Hints can help you find answers to questions you are having trouble with.

1. Info Button

Buttons Styling

Write the HTML markup, using Bootstrap classes, to display a Button that looks like this.

A blue info button.

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4  

  •   Button text: Wrong answer
  •   Button type: Wrong answer
  •   Button shape: Wrong answer
  •   Button color: Wrong answer

2. Modal Dialog

Modals Plugins

The HTML page contains a button and modal dialog.

Using just Bootstrap's HTML attributes and no JavaScript, add attributes to the elements so that:

  1. When the Open button is clicked, the modal dialog is opened.
  2. When the Close button is clicked, the modal dialog is closed.
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4  

  •   Open button has correct attributes : Wrong answer
  •   Close button has correct attributes: Wrong answer
  •   Open button shows dialog: Wrong answer
  •   Close button hides dialog: Wrong answer

3. Tooltip

Plugins Tooltips

Using only Bootstrap's style classes alter the anchor so that when mouse is hovered over it, the following tooltip is displayed:

A bootstrap hover-over effect.

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4  

  •   Tooltip visibility: Wrong answer
  •   Tooltip location: Wrong answer
  •   Tooltip contents: Wrong answer

4. Test Links

Grid layout

Using Bootstrap classes, modify the div element with the id "links" so that on extra small resolutions (<576px), each link and ad takes one whole row. It should look like this:

On small resolutions and higher (≥576px), both links should take one half of the row and the ads should be invisible. It should look like this:

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4  

  •   Each element takes the whole screen width on extra small screens: Wrong answer
  •   Links are in the same row on larger screens: Wrong answer
  •   Each link takes half the screen width on larger screens: Wrong answer
  •   Ads are invisible on larger screens: Wrong answer

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