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1. Palindrome
C String Public

A palindrome is a word that reads the same backward or forward.

Write a function that checks if a given word is a palindrome. Character case should be ignored. If the given word is a palindrome, the function should return 1; otherwise it should return 0.

For example, is_palindrome("Deleveled") should return 1 as character case should be ignored resulting with "deleveled" which is a palindrome since it reads same backward and forward.

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2. Words
C Algorithmic thinking Sorting Public

Implement function sort_words that can sort an array of words which contain lowercase characters from english alphabet, in descending order.

For example, the array { "cherry", "orange", "apple" } should, after sorting, become { "orange", "cherry", "apple" }.

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3. Inspect Bits
C Bit manipulation Public

Implement the inspect_bits function that checks if given number contains 2 or more consecutive ones in its binary representation. If it does, the function should return 1. Otherwise, it should return 0.

For example, inspect_bits(13) should return 1 as it contains 2 consecutive ones in its binary representation (1101).

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