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Need to practice your Customer Interaction skills for an upcoming job interview? Try solving these Customer Interaction interview questions that test customer relations, interpersonal skills, issue resolution, and other skills. We’ll provide feedback on your answers, and you can use a hint if you get stuck.

These Customer Interaction interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen candidates for a variety of customer-facing job roles, such as salespeople, support agents, and others that communicate, create, and build relationships with customers.

1. Printer Problem

Issue Resolution Customer Service Public

The customer you are speaking with needs help solving a relatively common problem with his computer printer. Early on in the conversation, you realize he is not at home and can't provide the model number and other information you normally need to process this request. How do you proceed with the call once you discover this information?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Direct the customer to look for the answer on the company’s website when he is at home and has access to the printer.
Establish a time for you to call the customer back when he has the appropriate information.
Find a similar product and provide the customer with related answers.
Use your product knowledge to ask probing questions and see whether you can determine the information you need to answer his questions.

2. Elderly Customer

Interpersonal Skills Customer Service Public

An elderly customer calls with a problem finding some product information on your company’s website. He is nice enough, just frustrated and hopeless because he can’t find what he needs. The information he’s looking for is too long and complicated to share over the phone. What are the best next steps?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Tell him he can find the product information he's looking for in the product information section of the website.
Advise him to go to the product information section of the website and print out all of the available material so that he can review it offline.
Help him navigate the website to find the information he is looking for.
Offer to find the information he needs and send it to him directly.

3. Difficult Customer

Customer Relations Sales Public

As account manager, you will be taking over a difficult customer with whom your company has been struggling to expand your business. This customer currently has the largest market share in your region and is expected to grow their strong position. However, your company’s previous account managers had not been able to build a good trust-based relationship with the customer’s key stakeholders and has even lost some business over the last few years.

Your company’s top management still strongly believes that you should be able to grow your business with the customer if you make the right approach. How do you approach this customer?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Persevere with using your company’s established approach, knowing that you can succeed where others have failed.
Discuss with the customer what went wrong with the previous account managers.
Investigate and analyze what happened in the past.
Develop a new strategy for improving relations with the customer which takes into account the best interests of your company.
Commit to larger delivery volumes to show the customer your dedication.

4. CAD System

Problem Resolution Sales Public

You are a salesman for Dynacad Industries. Dynacad’s products are computer-aided design (CAD) systems that are sold into a variety of industrial companies. Though you had CAD experience in a previous job, you have been with Dynacad for 14 months and as of yet have not generated much business.

You are under pressure to produce when suddenly you are assigned a promising account that had been the responsibility of Jack Cutting. Jack had to retire suddenly because of severe health problems. The order that Jack was working on was for Dynacad’s largest and most expensive system, and would amount to a sizable deal for the company.

As you reviewed the customer’s needs and the model being proposed, you realized that this system is overly large and complex. However, the system you think would be a better fit for the customer costs far less than the larger, proposed system. What do you do?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Since you are new to this deal and your track record at Dynacad isn't great so far, defer to Jack's expertise to achieve a safe win for you and a profitable outcome for the company.
Meet with the customer to discuss a smaller system that could more closely meet their needs.
Meet with the customer to discuss their needs and, without sharing your analysis of the pending order, seek to either verify or eliminate your concerns.
Meet with your direct supervisor and your company’s VP of Sales, and collectively decide how to proceed.

5. First Meeting

Outreach Sales Public

This is your first meeting with a new potential customer to present your products. The person in charge of the meeting, Laura, seemed agitated and closed the meeting with a statement that she believed that your product was not needed. What are the best courses of action now?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Accept the answer, thank the people for their time, and leave. Move on to a better opportunity.
Demand that Laura justify her statement.
Before anyone leaves the room, ask what everyone else thinks.
Leave the meeting, but call Laura later to ask if you could visit with her in the near future to help you understand why she did not think the product was a good fit.
After the meeting, call the person who seemed most interested in your product to gain a better understanding of the organization and its decision-making process.

6. Late Installation

Customer Emails Customer Service Public Manually Scored

You are on the support team for a cable/internet company and you have received the following email from a customer, Mike Smith:

“I am very upset that your installation tech did not come to my home today at the appointed time. I took time off from work, all for no reason! I was told he should arrive between 12:00 and 5:00. He didn’t get here until 5:45. I could have just stayed at work since I normally get home at 5:30. This is not a good way to start my new service with you and I am already considering canceling!”

A quick check of the notes on the customer’s account shows that the tech was scheduled to arrive ideally between 12:00 and 5:00pm, but didn’t get there until about 5:45 because of heavy traffic resulting from a car accident on one of the major crosstown roadways.

Please draft your response to this customer in the box below.


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