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Need to practice your data warehousing skills for an upcoming job interview? Try solving these data warehousing interview questions that test knowledge of data warehousing concepts such as its architecture, star schemas, and OLAP cubes.

These data warehouse interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen job candidates such as Big Data Engineers, Data Warehouse Developers, Data Warehouse Administrators, and others that require knowledge of data warehousing.

1. Daily News Performance

Data Warehouse Drilldown OLAP Operations Pivot New Public

Management of a multinational news company would like to see how the number of viewers of different news sections varies per country, for each day.

The data is in an OLAP cube and needs to be transformed to get the data the management is looking for. Below are the diagrams of starting and expected OLAP cubes:

An OLAP cubeAn OLAP cube

What operations should be performed to transform the first OLAP cube into the second OLAP cube?

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2. Lumber Cut

Data Warehouse Software Architecture New Public

A construction supply company wants to implement a data warehouse to analyze the performance of their online portal for ordering custom cuts of lumber.

Their sales data is currently stored in two separate transaction processing relational databases, one contains inventory and the other one contains sales data. Both databases save their data in a normalized schema. One of the reasons for implementing a data warehouse is that querying the databases for average sales data and inventory status through time is slow and causes some online transactions to timeout.

How should the data warehouse be implemented?

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3. Grocery Sales

Data Warehouse Star Schema New Public

A grocery shop is using the following tables in their relational database:

TABLE Product 
  name VARCHAR
  categoryId INTEGER REFERENCES ProductCategory(id)

TABLE ProductCategory 
  name VARCHAR

TABLE ProductSale
  productId INTEGER REFERENCES Product(id)
  price DECIMAL
  date DATE

The company has decided to implement a data warehouse since their analytic queries have started causing issues by consuming most database resources.

As a first step, the company wants to create a star schema of the previous tables. Which tables should be present in the star schema?

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