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These DevOps interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen job candidates such as DevOps engineers, developers, and others that require knowledge of the DevOps lifecycle, practices, and tools.

1. DevOps Lifecycle

DevOps Practices Life Cycle

Your company has been working to increase its frequency of deployment for new features by optimizing its full development and operating lifecycle. The CEO wants to cut unnecessary phases to deliver new features to the customer.

Which phases are not part of the core DevOps lifecycle?

(Select all acceptable answers.)


2. Container Restart

Docker Command Line Arguments Docker Compose

The automation team is testing their background Docker web server containers. They need to cleanly remove the existing containers without leaving any artifacts behind, then start new containers.

Complete the following docker commands to achieve these objectives:

# Gracefully end all processes in the containers
host> docker-compose stop
# Remove the containers and their anonymous volumes
host> docker-compose  -v
# Start containers in background
host> docker-compose up  apache php mysql

3. Force Checkout

Git Command Line Arguments

A developer is experimenting with code on a local copy of a branch. After a while, it is decided that this experiment does not work. So the developer decides to switch back to the master branch. However, the developer's local working copy is different from the HEAD.

Which of these options would allow the developer to successfully check out the master branch?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Use the --force option of the checkout command.
Wipe the local copy from the drive and clone the project again.
Use the --quiet option to suppress error messages during checkout.
Use the --orphan option to remove the experimental code entirely.
Use the stash command to save the modifications separately.

4. Incident Response

DevOps Practices Reporting

The CEO of your company understands that sometimes things go wrong. No system is perfect, but she wants to ensure that the company is improving.

Which metrics could be used to track the company's incident management?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Mean time to failure
Mean time to recovery
Mean time to change
Mean time between failures
Mean time to deploy
Mean cycle time

5. Saving a Bugfix

Git Command Line Arguments

Write down a sequence of GIT commands (with no additional arguments) to download a repository, update a file, and save the changes back to the original repository. Assume that other developers didn't modify the file.

  1. Download the master repository to a local directory or repository:
  2. Fix a bug in file test.cpp
  3. Mark that file test.cpp has been changed:
    git test.cpp
  4. Save the changes to the local repository:
    git -m 'Bug with testing is fixed'
  5. Send the changes to the original repository:
    git origin master

6. File Ingress

Kubernetes Ingress

Consider the following Ingress controller:

kind: Ingress
  name: main-ingress
  - http:
      - path: /
        pathType: Prefix
          serviceName: main-app
          servicePort: 80
      - path: /files/
        pathType: Prefix
          serviceName: file-app
          servicePort: 80
      - path: /files/default.png
        pathType: Exact
          serviceName: default-app
          servicePort: 8080

Select all the true statements.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Requests to /files/banner.jpg will be served by the file-app service.
Requests to /files_old/banner.jpg will be served by the file-app service.
The main-app service has to be declared with "name: main-app" metadata.
Requests to /files/default.png will be served by the default-app service.
Only requests that target port 8080 and match the path will be forwarded to the default-app service.

7. Nginx Deployment

Kubernetes Deployment Services

The team responsible for Kubernetes wants to add a Deployment that will deploy 4 nginx Pods which should have port 443 open. Finish the following YAML configuration so that it implements those requirements:

apiVersion: apps/v1
  name: deployment-nginx
    web: public
      web: public
      - name: nginx
        image: nginx:1.14.2
        - : 443

8. Container Lifecycle

Docker Command Line Arguments Life Cycle

As part of a load balancing scheme, your company uses multiple virtual machines which can provision and deprovision Docker containers as demand changes.

Complete the docker commands (with no additional arguments) that manage the lifecycle of a docker image.

  1. When a virtual machine completes startup, it runs the following command to ready the custom container image:
    docker create --name balanced-container company-image
  2. When the load balancer detects high usage, it signals the virtual machine to make the container available for use. The VM runs the following command:
    docker  balanced-container
  3. The load balancer detects that a container has been underutilized for more than 15 minutes. It signals the VM to suspend the container to conserve CPU resources. The VM runs the command:
    docker  balanced-container
  4. Finding an increased load again, the load balancer signals the VM to awaken the container. The VM runs the command:
    docker  balanced-container
  5. After an hour of underutilization, the load balancer signals the VM to gracefully end all processes in the container to conserve RAM resources. The VM runs the command:
    docker  balanced-container

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