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Need to practice your Engineering Math skills for an upcoming job interview? Try solving these Engineering Math interview questions that test your ability to solve math problems such as the odds of winning the lottery or calculating volumes of buildings. Each question covers one math field like statistics, probability, geometry, or arithmetic. We’ll provide feedback on your answers, and you can use a hint if you get stuck.

These Engineering Math interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen candidates for a variety of job roles, such as data analysts, developers, mechanical engineers, and others that need to be able to turn math problems into equations and solve them.

1. Rolling Dice

Engineering Math Probability New Public

While waiting at the Doctor's office, Sam played a game with the following rules:

  • He rolled a fair six-sided dice.
  • When he rolled an odd number, he marked that game as a loss.
  • When he rolled an even number, another fair six-sided dice was rolled.
  • If that second roll was the same number as the first roll, he marked that game as a win. Otherwise, the game was marked as a loss.

What is the probability, as a percentage rounded to the nearest integer, of winning the game?

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2. Farmland

Engineering Math Area Geometry Pythagorean Theorem New Public

Before purchasing seeds, a farmer needs to know the area of his land. Since one end of his property is currently unapproachable, he measured only three sides. This is his sketch with measurements:

Image of farmland

What is the area of the land?

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3. Shade Cover

Engineering Math Linear Algebra Linear Systems New Public

The frame of a parking space shade cover from the image below must satisfy the following rules:

  • It is made of 10 wooden beams: 4 across the width of the cover, 2 across the length of the cover, and 4 vertical supports.
  • The total length of all beams is 32 meters.
  • The length of the cover is two times larger than its width.
  • The length of the vertical supports is 60% of the length of the cover.

Image of shade cover

What are the dimensions of the parking space shade cover, rounded to one decimal place?

Length: __ meters

Width:  __ meters

Height: __ meters

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