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Try to solve 4 Growth Marketing interview questions below. Hints can help you find answers to questions you are having trouble with.

1. Blog Traffic

Marketing Analytics Google Analytics Tracking

Your eCommerce site ( includes a blog which is located on a separate domain ( The blog is ranked on the first page of Google search results for product-related keywords and you receive a sizable percentage of traffic from these posts. In Google Analytics for, which kind of traffic do you need to track to measure how the blog is performing as a sales channel?


2. Company CRM

Marketing Analytics Metrics

Your boss wants you to report on how each marketing campaign generated sales in the past year.

You are given access to the company CRM, which the sales team has managed to keep thoroughly updated. Which lists from the CRM would help you determine which leads became customers?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Qualified marketing-generated leads
Trial signups
New customers who visited your website
Accounts with completed purchases
Sales call activities

3. Low Traffic

A/B Testing Sample Size

You have a new client, who operates an eCommerce business receiving traffic of 500 visitors per week. The client insists on presenting you with a list of ideas for improving their website and expects you to approve or reject each idea after careful consideration.

In the list below, enter “Y” if you would approve the idea and “N” if you would reject the idea.

1. Testing small changes to the landing page to increase conversions by 2%.

2. Testing radically different redesigns of the landing page to increase conversions by 50%.

3. Test variations of the product page to increase Add to Cart clicks by 20%.

4. Test variations of the checkout process to increase completed purchases by 1%.

5. Use multivariate testing on your least-popular product pages to increase purchases.

6. Lower your statistical significance threshold to 75% to see the results of your tests more quickly.


4. Pricing Page

A/B Testing Results Analysis Statistical Significance

You were testing two new title ideas for a pricing page with the following results:

  Views Conversions
Original 4,300 436
Proposal A 4,000 440
Proposal B 3,700 415

Based on these results, which statement is true?

Based on the test results, which statement is true?


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