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Need to practice your Hadoop skills for an upcoming job interview? Try solving these Hadoop interview questions that test knowledge of Hadoop framework concepts. We’ll provide feedback on your answers, and you can use a hint if you get stuck.

These Hadoop interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen job candidates such as Big Data Engineers, Hadoop Developers, Hadoop Administrators, Hadoop Testers, and others that require knowledge of the Hadoop framework.

1. Research Archives

Hadoop Hadoop File Blocks Hadoop Replication Factor New Public

Capital Analytics, a digital marketing research firm, plans to move its research archives to a Hadoop cluster. They have a Hadoop cluster configuration with 1 NameNode and 3 DataNode(s).

For a replication factor of 3 and the data block size of 128 MB, what will happen if we store a file called '2010_archive' that is 150 MB in size?

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2. Web Crawlers

Hadoop HDFS DataNode HDFS NameNode MapReduce New Public

You are given the task of configuring a Hadoop cluster with 2 NameNode(s) and 5 DataNode(s) to handle data generated by web crawlers.

Which options are correct for the given cluster and MapReduce implementations over it?

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