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1. Album Sales
Logical Reasoning Zero-sum thinking Public New

An eagerly awaited new album has been leaked several hours before its official release. Listeners are now able to download the album for free.

How will this affect album sales?


2. Horse Race
Logical Reasoning Appeal to probability Public New

Dan put a large bet on a horse. However, a day before the race, the horse was injured.

Select which of the following statements are true:


3. Postcard
Logical Reasoning Attribute substitution Public New

A postcard and a stamp together cost $1.50. The postcard costs one dollar more than the stamp.

How much does the stamp cost?


4. Sandy
Logical Reasoning Conjunction fallacy Public New

Sandy, who will soon become a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematography, has just become engaged to Danny, who will soon become a Master of Music Education.

Select which statement is most probable:


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