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Need to practice your mechanical engineering skills for an upcoming job interview? Try solving these mechanical engineering interview questions that test knowledge of concepts, principles, and best practices in various engineering branches such as mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, and electricity. We’ll provide feedback on your answers, and you can use a hint if you get stuck.

These mechanical engineering interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen mechanical engineers, maintenance engineers, industrial engineers, and others that require knowledge of engineering and mathematics principles and best practices.

1. Gasoline Engine

Mechanical Engineering Gasoline Engine Thermal Efficiency Thermodynamics New Public

The research and development department is looking for ways to improve engine efficiency for a gasoline engine that they'll use in a car.

Which changes would increase engine efficiency for the gasoline engine?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

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2. Temperature Alarm

Mechanical Engineering Bimetal Materials Properties New Public

A company is developing a temperature alarm, based on the schema below, that should close an electric circuit when the temperature rises above 150°C:

Temperature Alarm

  Linear coefficient of thermal expansion (x10-6K-1) Volumetric mass density (kg/m3) Melting point (°C)
Brass 13 8600 1000
Copper 17 8940 1100
Iron 11.8 7870 1500
Mercury 181 13540 -39
Polystyrene 70 1060 100
Steel 12 7800 1600

Based on available materials and their properties, choose materials for the temperature alarm that require the smallest temperature difference to do the task.

For Material 1: ___

For Material 2: ___

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3. Light Bulbs

Mechanical Engineering Electric Circuits Electricity New Public

Three light bulbs are connected to a motorcycle's battery as shown in the image below:

Electric circuit

How much power does the 3rd bulb consume when all three bulbs are turned on?

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