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1. Management
Project Management Project planning Public New

How do the best project managers spend the majority of their time?

Communicating with the project team
Marketing the project
Managing important stakeholders
Risk analysis
Project planning
Crashing the project

2. Budget
Project Management Project cost management Public

A project you are managing had a starting budget of 180,000 USD and an expected duration of 1 year and 3 months. The work and budget are spread equally over the duration.

You are currently 8 months into the project, the work is on schedule, and so far you have spent 102,000 USD.

What is the cost variance of the project?

-78,000 USD.
-12,000 USD.
-6,000 USD.
6,000 USD.
12,000 USD.
78,000 USD

3. Active Project
Project Management Project risk management Public

A company currently has three active projects:

  • Project A has a 85% chance of a 230,000 USD profit and a 15% chance of a 230,000 USD loss.
  • Project B has a 55% chance of a 900,000 USD profit and a 45% chance of a 900,000 USD loss.
  • Project C has a 73% chance of a 300,000 USD profit and a 27% chance of a 250,000 USD loss.

Which project has the highest monetary value, and what is the amount?

Project A, 161,000 USD.
Project B, 495,000 USD.
Project C, 219,000 USD.
Project C, 151,500 USD.
Project B, 900,000 USD.
Project A, 460,000 USD.

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