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Need to practice your Selenium skills for an upcoming job interview? Try solving these Selenium interview questions that test knowledge of Selenium and WebDriver. We’ll provide feedback on your answers, and you can use a hint if you get stuck.

These Selenium interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen job candidates such as web application testers, QA engineers, and others that need to be able to use Selenium for automating web applications for testing purposes.

1. Selenium Installation


After a development team has made a web application using a programming language, your task is to make browser-based regression tests using the same programming language and Selenium. Select only the steps needed to setup Selenium on a new machine which only has an OS and the run-time for the targeted programming language:

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Download Selenium libraries for the targeted programming language.
Install a HTTP server.
Install a browser for which there is a WebDriver.
Install Selenium plugins for a browser.
Download WebDriver binaries for a browser.
Download Selenium IDE.

2. Click On A Link


Using Selenium, select the best practice for simulating the following user scenario:

  • Go to
  • Click on the following HTML element: <a href="/tour">Tour</a>

Commands need to cover the whole interaction, from opening a web browser to closing it.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Create a system process based on the path to the Chrome web browser.
Instantiate Chrome WebDriver.
Provide as the first argument when running the Chrome process.
On WebDriver, call functions for getting or navigating to
Using WebDriver, get the document instance, and create MouseEvent on it.
On WebDriver, call functions for finding the “Tour” element by link text.
Find X and Y coordinates of an element with the “Tour” link text.
Call the click function on the found element.
Fire MouseEvent on X and Y coordinates.
Call the function for closing the window on WebDriver.
Close the process containing the Chrome instance.

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