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Need to practice your System Administration skills for an upcoming job interview? Try solving these System Administration interview questions that test knowledge of configuring and maintaining system software, hardware, and computer systems, especially servers. We’ll provide feedback on your answers, and you can use a hint if you get stuck.

These System Administration interview questions are examples of real tasks used by employers to screen job candidates such as system administrators, sysadmins, system engineers, and others that require knowledge of computer software and hardware.

1. SSD

System Administration Storage Systems Public

A company plans to purchase laptops for its employees so that they can work from home. The last decision to be made is which type of storage device to put into each laptop, based on the type of daily tasks each employee does.

How will a common SSD compare to a common HDD?

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2. Media Server

System Administration NAS Storage Systems Public

To create a media server that will store training videos for the employees of an organization, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution is chosen. Select the options that correctly describe a NAS solution.

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3. Double-disk Failure

System Administration RAID Storage Systems Public

A startup is using an in-house storage system that provides protection in case of single-disk failures, but this turned out to be insufficient.

Which of the following configurations can provide double-disk failure protection on any two disks in the configuration?

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