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Impress your boss and your job applicants with user-friendly and cheat-proof hiring tests. TestDome's job skill tests are secure and glitch-free, which makes pre-employment testing a great experience for everyone.

eSkill vs. TestDome for Pre-Employment Testing

See how TestDome stacks up in a side-by-side comparison.

Feature TestDome eSkill (Basic Plan)
Price Starts at $100 starts at $850
# of users Unlimited 1
Premade Tests
Premade Questions
API Access
Create Custom Questions
Create Custom Tests
Customized Branding
Customizable Email Templates
Customize Passing Score
Skill Library
Coding Skills
Aptitude: Verbal reasoning, Numerical reasoning, Abstract reasoning, Logical reasoning
Customer Service
Accounting & Finance
Digital Marketing
Administrative Assistant
Project Management
Time Management
English Comprehension
Reporting & Analytics
Individual performance reports
Comparative Reports
Shareable Reports
Code Replay
Report Review (we review your report for you)
Cheating Prevention
Real Time Image Capture
Copy & Paste Prevention
Timed Questions
Duplicate Email Detection
Web Monitoring for Question Leaks
Refund if you Find Answers to our Premium Questions Online
Customer Support
Concierge Onboarding
Support E-mail and Chat E-mail and Chat

Why Hiring Managers Choose TestDome

TestDome offers extensive cheating protection and an easy-to-use interface, plus hiring tests for a range of skills.

Cheating Protection

Our testing process makes cheating nearly impossible. Every question is timed, and we've disabled the ability to copy questions. This makes it challenging for candidates to search for the answer to a question online. We also offer real-time image capture and duplicate email detection, so you can be sure a test taker isn't getting help on your test or previewing it in advance.

More than Programming Tests

TestDome's pay-as-you-go packs come with full access to premium features, so you don't have to worry about costly upgrades. Integrate with your applicant tracking system, customize tests and emails with your branding, and add unlimited team members to your account.
Hire better using TestDome

"What I like the most is an intuitive and easy-to-use interface... in just a few steps you can create well-rounded pre-employment tests and invite your candidates to solve them."
Mario Z. Capterra reviewer

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eBay uses TestDome to find the best candidates
Indeed uses TestDome to find the best candidates
NHS uses TestDome to find the best candidates
PayPal uses TestDome to find the best candidates
Turkish Airlines uses TestDome to find the best candidates

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