Low Traffic

You have a new client, who operates an eCommerce business receiving traffic of 500 visitors per week. The client insists on presenting you with a list of ideas for improving their website and expects you to approve or reject each idea after careful consideration.

In the list below, enter ā€œYā€ if you would approve the idea and ā€œNā€ if you would reject the idea.

1. Testing small changes to the landing page to increase the number of purchases by 1% per month.

2. Testing radically different redesigns of the landing page to increase conversions by 50%.

3. Test variations of the product page to increase Add to Cart clicks by 20%.

4. Test variations of the checkout process to increase completed purchases by 1%.

5. Use multivariate testing on your least-popular product pages to increase purchases.

6. Lower your statistical significance threshold to 75% to see the results of your tests more quickly.


  • AI-resistant
  • A/B Testing
  • Sample Size
  • Public
  • Easy


Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 3 min

Score Distribution

% of candidates

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