Blueberry Jam

Ariana is producing organic blueberry jam from her small garden. Producing the first jar is expensive ($8.00) because she needs time to get set up. With every additional jar of jam, the cost decreases, all the way to $2.00 for the 7th-11th jars. But if she wants to produce more than 11 jars, Ariana needs to invest more money into organic fertilizer, which in turn increases the cost of jars after the 11th. She has never succeeded in producing more than 25 jars in total. Ariana tracked the estimated cost of every jar she has produced:

Cost of producing Nth jar

A merchant offers to pay $5.10 per jar for as many jars as Ariana can produce.

For this price, how many jars should she produce in order to maximize her profit?



  • AI-resistant
  • Economics
  • Marginal Cost
  • Microeconomics
  • Profit Maximization
  • New
  • Public
  • Easy


Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 3 min

Score Distribution

% of candidates

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