As a customer support agent, you receive the following email from an angry customer.

Text: I have emailed your company several times to get a refund for a television that I returned three weeks ago. Each time, someone from your company promised that my refund was on the way but I got nothing. I have attached the emails from your company as proof of the lies. I'M TIRED OF WAITING!! If I don't get my refund today, I'm suing.

What are appropriate responses?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Respond that you understand his frustration with not receiving his refund. Offer to express ship him a new television with a free, extended warranty, which he can keep until the refund issue is resolved.
Respond immediately and try to calm the customer down by introducing yourself, expressing sympathy, and apologizing. Then, promise to personally process the refund that day.
Write back that you will take responsibility for finding out what happened. Offer to email the customer a status update later that day.
Reply that it will take you some time to figure out what happened. Ask the customer to be patient and write that you agree this is unacceptable and so will make it your top priority.
Reply only after you have thoroughly reviewed the attachments, other customer service agents' notes, and the return history to find out what happened. Then, email the customer to describe the problem and solution.

Issue Resolution Angry Customer Customer Service Support Failure New Public


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