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MS Excel

Your company sells tea and coffee to a variety of customers through its sales representatives. The sales manager is preparing for the annual performance reviews in which he reviews the achievements of all the sales representatives as a basis for discussing bonus compensation and raises.

He asks you to prepare some pivot tables to help him prepare for these reviews:

  1. For Pivot Table 1, you’ll show Total Sales by Employee per each Category.

  2. For Pivot Table 2, you’ll show Total Sales by CompanyID and Category per each Employee.

  3. Ensure that both pivot tables match the layout shown below.

(Open full-size image in a new tab.)

The tables in the linked image


Your task is to download the ‘PerformanceReviews-RawData.xlsx’ file and execute all parts of this request. When you have completed your work, save it in .xlsx format, then upload that file for evaluation.

After reading the question

Get the template file:

Download Template File

Use "PerformanceReviews-RawData.xlsx" as the baseline for your answer.

Submit your answer:

Make the requested changes before uploading.

You can upload answers multiple times prior to submission.

File validation OK, but 4 out of 4 test cases failed.
PivotTable1 Layout: Wrong answer
PivotTable1 Values: Wrong answer
PivotTable2 Layout: Wrong answer
PivotTable2 Values: Wrong answer


  • AI-resistant
  • MS Excel
  • Data Management
  • Field Groups
  • Pivot Tables
  • Public
  • Hard


Difficulty: Hard

Duration: 10 min

Score Distribution

% of candidates

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