Sales Comparison

You have been asked to create a column chart and need to make it look the same as the chart provided in the image below.

The Sales Comparison column chart

Your task is to download the ‘SalesComparison-RawData.xlsx’ file and use your spreadsheet knowledge to create the chart shown here. You should attempt to recreate this chart using any columns colors you want, but be sure to:

  • Create a clustered column chart.
  • Set up the horizontal axis categories and remove horizontal gridlines to match the image.
  • Adjust the vertical axis scale and remove vertical gridlines to match the image.
  • Add a chart title, vertical axis title, and legend that match those displayed in the image above.
  • Ensure your data series are in the correct order.

When you have completed the chart, save it in .xlsx format, then upload that file for evaluation.

Download Template File

Use template "SalesComparison-RawData.xlsx" as the baseline for your answer

You can upload multiple times before final submission | Max size: 10MB | Allowed extensions: .xlsx

File validation OK, but 5 out of 5 test cases failed.
Chart Type and Style: Wrong answer
Horizontal Axis: Wrong answer
Vertical Axis: Wrong answer
Titles and Legend: Wrong answer
Chart Data: Wrong answer


  • AI-resistant
  • MS Excel
  • Axis Titles
  • Charting
  • Column Chart
  • Public
  • Easy


Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 15 min

Author: Top Ideas & Solutions

Score Distribution

% of candidates

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