Pet Shop Bots

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An online shop sells pet food and accessories. Customers can choose goods and conclude their orders on their website. The order is processed according to these rules:

  • A customer enters his or her order and clicks SUBMIT. Depending on its total value, the order is set to either of the following states:
    • APPROVED if the value is less than or equal to $100.
    • PENDING if the value is greater than $100 and the shop's personnel have to verify the validity of the online payment.
  • For PENDING orders, shop personnel can click one of the following:
    • APPROVE if the payment is confirmed, thereby setting the order to the state of APPROVED.
    • CANCEL if the payment is invalid, thereby setting the order to the state of CANCELED.
  • For orders in an APPROVED state, the shop personnel choose the SHIP action after the goods are actually sent, thereby setting the order to a state of SHIPPED.

Prepare the optimal (effective and efficient) set of test cases, each containing a separate state life cycle, required to test this system.

Test cases

Test case 1
ActionOrder valueNext state