Verbal Reasoning Newspaper excerpts True statement Public




Carefully read the following excerpt from an article on housing:

The detached family home – a traditional symbol of middle-class suburban domesticity – is enjoying a return to favor, according to official house-building figures. After years of developers focusing on cramped flats and apartments, creating a glut of unfilled high-density schemes in provincial cities, builders are again catering for families with children. But while the number of private detached homes being built in England has risen by nearly a quarter to 38,118 between 2013 and 2014, the number of the new affordable homes is falling. Private sector property increased by 13 per cent since 2013, while public sector development in social housing dropped by 4 per cent, with only 34,771 new homes registered compared to 36,271 in 2013. In total, this year 133,670 new homes were registered with the National House Building Council (NHBC), an increase of 9 per cent on registrations made last year but still well below the 200,000 a year required to meet housing demand. The CIH is calling on all political parties to commit to ending the housing crisis “within a generation” by rapidly increasing the number of new affordable homes.

Which statement is true based on the text above?