Verbal Reasoning Newspaper excerpts True statement Public




Carefully read the following excerpt from an article on learning a language online:

The growth of technology for educational use has transformed the way in which people learn and access education. This is particularly true for languages, an area in which the explosion of mobile apps and interactive software has provided choice to a range of people who were previously unable to access foreign language education.

One of the big changes caused by tech is the demographic shift in language learners. Languages have long been associated with the elite, but now people from less privileged backgrounds are finding affordable ways to learn. English remains the resoundingly most-in-demand language – the British Council estimates that in five years, 2 billion people will be learning English across the world – due in large part to the advantage it offers economic migrants. While advances in tech may have created opportunities for more people to access education, the question remains as to whether it is actually possible to learn a language only using online tools.

Which statement is true based on the text above?