Theater Tickets

You were assigned to do web accessibility testing on a website to buy theater tickets.

You noticed the following in the page:

  • The heading appears before the description in the visual page.
  • Screen readers order the description before the heading.
  • The pricing section is dynamically loaded almost immediately after the rest of the page.
  • The picture of the seating arrangements has the alternate text: "Theater".
  • The page requires scrolling to reach the end.

Some visually impaired users of the site use a screen reader on their browser.

Which of the following characteristics of the page reduces the accessibility for screen reader users compared to users who don't use a screen reader?

(Select all acceptable answers.)


  • Web Testing
  • Accessibility
  • New
  • Public
  • Hard


Difficulty: Hard

Duration: 3 min

Author: Christian Durán Carvajal

Score Distribution

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