Meeting Summaries

Your assistant attended several meetings on your behalf while you were out on sick leave. You need to include a summary of each meeting in your next team newsletter. For each meeting below, choose the clearest and most concise way to restate the key points your assistant compiled.

There has been a budget reduction across the company. As a result, all overtime requests will be denied. In addition, business expense claims must be reduced to save on variable costs.

Anyone who has questions about the new company health insurance policy needs to discuss it with their appointed HR representative. For our regional office, that person is Maria.

There have been reports of misdelivered letters and packages. If mail needs to be redelivered, it must be taken to the cart in the mail room. The blue cart is designated for collecting these items.


  • AI-resistant
  • Written Communication
  • Clear and Concise
  • Public
  • Easy


Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 5 min

Score Distribution

% of candidates

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