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The Accounting and Finance aptitude test evaluates a candidate’s ability to measure, process, and communicate the financial information of a business, as well as the aptitude for logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning.

This assessment can be used as an accounting test for pre-employment screening of candidates applying for a variety of roles, including staff accountant, financial accountant, and management accountant, or as a finance test for candidates applying for financial analyst or financial management positions.

This test requires candidates to demonstrate aptitude for various kinds of reasoning as well as answer multiple-choice and calculation questions about the principles and core subjects within the accounting and finance disciplines.

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Free Sample Questions for Accounting Aptitude Test

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Company Vehicle


Double-Entry Bookkeeping Accounting and Finance Chart of accounts Debits and Credits Fixed Assets Public

Your company just purchased a company vehicle with cash. Which actions regarding the Chart of Accounts would take place (double-entry bookkeeping method)?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Total Interest


Basic Financial Statements Accounting and Finance Public

Where can information about the total interest accrued during the reporting period of one year be found?



Numerical Reasoning Linear systems Public

How old is John if, in 38 years, he will be 3 times as old as he is today?

Sick Leave


Verbal Reasoning Deductive reasoning Understanding rules Public New

The company's sick leave policy says:

This company’s sick leave policy applies to all our employees who have been with our company for more than six months. Our employees can take sick leave when they want to recover from a sudden illness, accident, or injury. They can use up to 10 days of sick leave for these purposes per calendar year.

Upon completion of each 12 month period of employment, employees will receive 3 additional days of sick leave for every completed 12 month period of working for the company. These additional sick leave days expire at the end of the next 12 month period.

Keep in mind that employees who become sick should either use their sick days or work from home to avoid spreading illnesses.

Fill in the blanks, with numbers, for the cases below. Enter number 0 for cases when an employee doesn't have the right for sick leave, according to the policy.

  • Emily, who has worked for us for almost half of year and still hasn't used any sick leave days, has the right to use up to __ sick leave days this year.
  • Faith, who just started her 4th year of working for us and has not taken sick leave until now, had a car accident. She has the right to use up to __ days for sick leave to recover from the injuries.
  • Vanessa, who started to work for us a little over a year ago, took sick leave last year for 2 days. She was Faith's passenger. Vanessa has the right to use up to __ days for sick leave to recover from the injuries.
  • Edith, who began working for us 8 months ago, has the right to use up to __ sick leave days for her regular annual physical exam, which lasts the whole day.
  • If Gabrielle, who has worked for us for 20 months, and who took a 10-day sick leave immediately after her 6-month trial period had finished, gets ill tomorrow, she will have right to use up to __  days for sick leave.
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Numerical Reasoning Linear systems Table lookup Chart lookup Percentages Arithmetic Mechanics Divide and conquer Logical Reasoning Deductive reasoning Fallacy of division Affirming the consequent Circular reasoning Fallacy of the undistributed middle Masked-man fallacy Geometry Verbal Reasoning True statement Newspaper excerpts Illicit major Understanding rules Basic Financial Statements Accounting and Finance Income Statement Balance Sheet Double-Entry Bookkeeping Chart of accounts Debits and Credits Accounts Receivable Depreciation Fixed Assets
Recommended Job Roles

These are the job roles that we recommend for the Accounting Aptitude online test.

Financial Accountant
Financial Analyst
Financial Manager
Management Accountant
Staff Accountant
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