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The Network administrator/network engineer test assesses a candidate’s knowledge of maintaining computer infrastructures, software-network interactions, as well as network integrity/resilience.

It's ideal for pre-employment screening. All good network administrators and network engineers should be familiar with the networking technologies used to allow communication between devices and form the backbone of the Internet.

This online test requires candidates to answer multiple-choice and fill the blanks questions about networking protocols, networking infrastructure, and the Internet.

Recommended Job Roles
Network Administrator
Network Engineer
System Administrator
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Sample Free Questions

Email Spoofing


Network Administration Email server Network security Spoofing attack Public New

Employees of a company are facing lots of bounced email notifications from email addresses they have never sent messages to. Select the options below which are correct for the given scenario.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

IP Privacy


Network Administration Application layer IP Network security Public

Select the methods that can be used to hide your public IP address when making calls to a remote server over the internet.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

MX Record


Network Administration Application layer DNS MX Record Public New

The email service provider has provided only an IP address for the TestDome email server - TestDome owns the domain ''. Fill in the blanks for the correct DNS configuration, so that '' points to the email server.

Type Host Name Points To
____ @ _________________
A _________________ _________________
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DNS Zone, IP Address, Transport Layer Security, Routing Table, IP Assignment, Network Hops, Web Security, DNS Lookup, Network Permissions, Web Vulnerabilities, Intranet Access, Load Distribution
Network Administration Application layer DNS IP Network layer Protocol Network security Presentation layer Routing Routing Table Access Control List Subnet Firewall Multi-Factor Authentication VPN Load Balancing
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