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The Software Quality Assurance test assesses candidates' ability to design functional tests as part of the software testing process.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good QA tester or software developer should understand the key concepts and techniques behind test development.

This test requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to design effective and efficient tests for a given system.

Recommended Job Roles
Quality Assurance Engineer
Software Developer
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Quality Assurance Boundary value analysis Specification analysis Test case design Public

Your team is developing software for a thermostat controller that has a switch for turning the heat on and off.

The following algorithm has been implemented:

  • If the heating switch is on:
    • If the measured temperature is equal to or higher than 23°C, the heat is turned off.
    • If the measured temperature is lower than 23°C, the heat is turned on.
  • If the heating switch is off:
    • If the measured temperature falls below 5°C, the heat is turned on to prevent the water in the heating system from freezing.
    • Otherwise, the heat is turned off.

Define the optimal (effective and efficient) set of boundary test cases to adequately test the thermostat controller.

Pet Shop Bots


Quality Assurance Specification analysis State transition Test case design Public

An online shop sells pet food and accessories. Customers can choose goods and conclude their orders on their website. The order is processed according to these rules:

  • A customer enters his or her order and clicks SUBMIT. Depending on its total value, the order is set to either of the following states:
    • APPROVED if the value is less than or equal to $100.
    • PENDING if the value is greater than $100 and the shop's personnel have to verify the validity of the online payment.
  • For PENDING orders, shop personnel can click one of the following:
    • APPROVE if the payment is confirmed, thereby setting the order to the state of APPROVED.
    • CANCEL if the payment is invalid, thereby setting the order to the state of CANCELED.
  • For orders in an APPROVED state, the shop personnel choose the SHIP action after the goods are actually sent, thereby setting the order to a state of SHIPPED.

Prepare the optimal (effective and efficient) set of test cases, each containing either a complete or partial state lifecycle, required to test this system.

Deposit Interest


Quality Assurance Boundary value analysis Specification analysis Test case design Public

An informational Interest rate calculator for a fixed term deposit needs to be tested. For a given deposit amount and the client’s age, the calculator shows the annual interest rate.

The following rules apply:

  • The minimum deposit amount is $100.
  • The maximum deposit amount is $10,000.
  • The annual interest rate depends on the deposit amount as follows:
    Deposit amount Annual interest rate
    $100 - $999 1.0%
    $1,000 - $4,999 1.3%
    $5,000 - $10,000 1.5%
  • Only adults (aged 18 and older) are eligible to open a term deposit account.
  • Clients aged 60 and older have a fixed interest rate of 2%.

Define the optimal (effective and efficient) set of boundary test cases for a system that calculates the terms deposit interest.

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Quality Assurance Boundary value analysis Specification analysis Test case design State transition
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