Web Testing and Selenium Test

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The Web Testing and Selenium test assesses candidates' ability to find issues on static and dynamic web sites, and their knowledge of Selenium.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good web tester, who is using Selenium, should be able to find issues with web sites in exploratory tests, test the web site according to a specification in functional tests, and know how to use Selenium. 

This test requires candidates to find issues on static and dynamic web sites, and answer questions about Selenium.

Recommended Job Roles
Quality Assurance Engineer
Selenium Test Engineer
Web Application Tester
Sample Candidate Report

Sample Free Questions

Selenium Installation


Selenium WebDriver Public New

After a development team has made a web application using a programming language, your task is to make browser-based regression tests using the same programming language and Selenium. Select only the steps needed to setup Selenium on a new machine which only has an OS and the run-time for the targeted programming language:

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Question Description


Web Application Testing Exploratory testing Static web page Public New

Consider the screenshot of web page provided here.

Select all the parts of the web page that contain issues like wrong text formatting, missing a page element, or similar.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

New User


Web Application Testing Functional testing Public New

Consider the form provided here. The form should validate all fields once the "Create user" button is clicked and it should clear the form if validation has passed.

The fields have the following constraints:

  • First name - required.
  • Last name - required.
  • Username - required.
  • Description - no constraints.
  • Address - no constraints.
  • Address 2 - optional, if provided it should have at most 5 characters.
  • Age - optional, if provided it should be a number between 18 and 65, both included.
  • Password - required, it should have at least 4 characters.

Test the form and select all the fields that were not implemented correctly.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

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