1 Create Your Perfect Test

Choose one of our predefined test for a programming language you need. You can also add individual questions one-by-one to a new empty test, or create your own custom questions, to build a test suited to your needs. Tests up to 15 min are called 15-min tests and are cheaper than longer normal tests.

Note that we offer two different question databases:

  • Public database (free plan) contains common interview questions. They are great for practicing, or if you want to filter candidates using the classic problems.
  • Premium database (paid plans) contains our unique, hand-crafted questions. We will return your money if you find any of them answered online.

One suggestion; preselection should test basic required skills for a job, not total knowledge. Short tests with 2-3 questions are good enough to filter out 90% of candidates. If you are not sure what to test, feel free to .

Create your perfect test

2 Invite Candidates

Invite all candidates to a test. $10 per candidate is probably less expensive than 20 min of your time for resume reading and a phone call. Select Invite candidates, paste candidate emails, pick a deadline and hit Invite button. Voilà, you are done for the day!

Invite Candidates

3 Candidates Solve Tests

Candidates receive an email with a link to an online test and instructions. We put a lot of effort into making testing a pleasant experience, including:

  • Candidates take tests from the comfort of their homes, when it is convenient for them.
  • Tests are short (10-90 min).
  • We allow the use of Google, as that is a normal part of programming.
  • If candidates prefer, they can copy/paste code to their favorite IDE.
  • Candidates get feedback about their score (editable in the test settings).

Candidates do complain about the lack of time. However, time limits per question give everybody an equal chance and coding speed is important in the real world. Their goal is not to score 100%, but to show they are better than other candidates.

Candidates Solve Tests

4 Interview Best Ones

At the end of the testing round, don't be surprised. A large portion of candidates will have 0% score: that is normal. While school tests are designed so 90% of students pass, preselection tests act inversely - they eliminate 90% of candidates in a screening round. Especially in the programming arena, many people have noted that 95% of applicants can't write code at all.[1][2]

All candidates will be sorted and divided into Pass and Fail groups. You can compare candidate answers and manually adjust cut-off score. When ready, use Notify candidates to send Pass/Fail emails.

At the interview, use the candidate report to ask them more details. Good programmers are able to explain their solutions and often have many ideas for improvement.

Interview Best Ones

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