Would you like to learn more on how to screen the top talent? Our Evidence-Based Hiring book explains a new and scientific screening process that bases hiring decisions on evidence and data. Step-by-step examples of job ads, questions, tests, and interview scripts will teach you how to remove hidden biases, ask the right questions, and create completely automated screening tests.

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1 Create Your Perfect Test

Choose one of our predefined tests for the skills you need or add individual questions one by one to a new empty test. You can also create your own custom questions to build a test tailored to your needs.

We offer two different question libraries:

  • The public question library contains basic interview questions. You can use these for practicing or for filtering the programming candidates using classic problems.
  • The premium question library contains our unique, hand-crafted questions. We offer a refund if you find any of them answered online.

Note: Preselection should test the basic skills, not the total knowledge required. Short tests with 2 or 3 questions are good enough to filter out 90% of candidates. If you are not sure what to test, feel free to ask us for advice.

2 Invite Candidates

Save time by inviting all your candidates to a test through one simple interface. Enter their email addresses, choose a deadline, and hit the invite button. VoilĂ , you are done for the day!

3 Test Candidates

Candidates that you have invited will receive an email with a link to the online test and instructions for taking the test. We put a lot of effort into making testing a pleasant experience:

  • Tests can be as short or as long as you want them to be.
  • Candidates take tests from the comfort of their homes at their convenience.
  • We allow candidates to use online resources, as that is a normal part of most jobs.
  • If candidates prefer, they can copy and paste code into their favorite IDE.
  • Candidates get feedback about their score (editable in the test settings).

Some candidates complain about the lack of time. However, time limits per question give everybody an equal chance and coding speed is important in the real world. The goal is not to score 100%, but to prove that they are better than other candidates.

4 Interview the Best Candidates

You'll notice that a large portion of candidates will have received a score of 0% at the end of the testing round. This is normal. Unlike school tests, which are designed so that 90% of students will pass, preselection tests usually eliminate 90% of candidates. This is especially true when it comes to programming, where many people have noted that most applicants can't write code at all.[1][2]

All candidates will be sorted and graded into pass and fail groups. You can compare candidate answers and manually adjust the cut-off score. We also provide a feature for you to notify candidates by sending them pass or fail emails. You can use the test report to ask the candidate for more details during the interview. Good programmers are able to explain their solutions and often have ideas for improvements.

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