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Assessment Tests

Test candidates with real-world questions and work samples.


Ready-to-use online assessment tests

  • 160+ predefined tests
  • 1000+ premium, real-world questions without online answers
  • Work-sample testing
  • Tests and questions that match real-world job positions

Tests are easily customizable

  • Mix and match existing questions to make your own multi-skill test
  • Add custom questions to any test
  • Override predefined times or scoring

Programming and non-programming online assessments

  • View programming candidates' progress minute by minute
  • All major programming languages covered
  • Dozens of non-technical skill tests with real world problems

Loved by job seekers

  • Short tests (<1h) with real-world problem solving
  • Candidates can use online resources and IDE during tests
  • Candidates get immediate feedback on their score
  • High rated amongst job seekers

"TestDome doesn't take the candidate an inordinate amount of time. It simulates working pressure with the time limits."
Jan O. G2 reviewer

Built for enterprise hiring

  • Invite candidates via email or URL
  • ATS Integrations with Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, Recruitee, and TalentLyft
  • Eliminate 80% of unqualified candidates in the first step
  • Detailed reporting with breakdown by skill
  • Easy collaboration with multi-user accounts and report sharing via email or URL
  • API access
  • GDPR compliance, including anonymization of candidate personal data within the required time period

"Very prompt and helpful support when needed, we were looking to work with a third party to write and set up new tests, TestDome was able to quickly set up and support a method to do this, allowing us to start testing candidates straight away."
George O. G2 reviewer

Advanced proctoring with cheating protection

  • Copy & paste protection
  • Online proctoring via webcam
  • Check for usage of the same email or IP address to prevent retakes
  • View candidate's progress for programming tests
  • Money-back guarantee if you find answers to Premium questions online

Automated scoring and simplified review

  • Automated scoring and screening
  • Automated pass/fail grouping
  • Ability to adjust cut-off score
  • Compare candidate answers against reference solution
  • Bulk pass/fail candidate notifications to spare your inbox

"TestDome provides us an opportunity to set our own timing policy, to choose from a variety of questions from different areas and with difficulty gradation. Also it is great that TestDome provides free of charge tests for candidates to prepare and check how online IDE works. And support is always ready to help."
Alexandra B. G2 reviewer

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Jobseekers, take a free public test

  • 360+ public questions you can practice on
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  • Live-coding challenges
  • Non-programming tests
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