About the Author

Zeljko Svedic is a cofounder of TestDome, a company which provides automated pre-employment screening to ABB, eBay, PayPal—and thousand others. He and fellow cofounder Mario Zivic met while preparing for computer-science competitions. It seems that both prepared quite well, as they each won first-place prizes in national competitions (Zeljko in 1997, Mario in 2000). After university, Zeljko went to work for Microsoft and Infragistics and Mario went to work for Ericsson. Together, they founded TestDome in 2013, after realizing that company testing still lagged behind the competitions that they participated in back in the ’90s.

In his private life, Zeljko loves reading obscure blogs, writing even more obscure articles, and traveling to warm places. He is a proud father of a lovely, pink-loving princess named Sara.