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Stop wasting time on people who look good on paper but can't do the job. Use Screening for all candidates and Interviews for top ones.

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Screen 100+ skills via work-sample questions for $7/candidate

Multi-skills tests

Mix questions for different skills or even custom questions in one test. Choose from 150+ pre-made tests.


Use questions with the highest predictive validity: work-sample or general mental ability.

$7 per candidate

Extra Large pack rate is $7 per candidate. Only pay for tested candidates. Check pricing.

Eliminate cheating

Webcam and screen proctoring

Webcam proctoring verifies identity.
Screen proctoring reveals the use of AI tools.

AI-resistant questions

Use questions with the AI-resistant tag,
which can't be solved with tools like ChatGPT.

Copy/paste protection

Question copy/paste protection prevents searching for answers.

Duplicate IP and browser detection

Detects test retaking from the same IP address or the same browser.

Code interviews

Verify your candidates' knowledge via Interviews,
with video, chat, and collaborative code editing.

Enjoy the benefits

Avoid bad hires

78% of applicants lie on résumés, most are not caught until hired.

Assess skills you
are not an expert in

From Java classes to Excel formulas, all questions are evaluated automatically.

Interview only
qualified candidates

With 80% of candidates failing the screening test, you can interview the top 20%.

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Candidate Quality

"TestDome significantly improves our hiring process and the quality of candidates that we do hire."

Brian M. via Capterra


"The cost per test is much less than it would be if we spend time for unnecessary interviews."

Capterra Reviewer

Remote Hiring

"Saves us a lot of time and enables us to do it remotely."

Carla D. via G2

Candidate Quality

"Sometimes, even though a candidate's resume seems technically broad... the results show something completely different. It's helped us a whole lot filtering talent."

Katya D. via G2

Time Saving

"I can tell you my quality of life just went up dramatically. I have done 67 interviews this year and hired 5 people. That's 62 hours of my life I will never get back. Being able to sit back and watch... is amazing."

Devin Smith, USA

Automated Question Scoring

"We don't have the technical proficiency to test candidates for their coding ability. TestDome, for us, is the perfect solution to this."

George O. via G2

TestDome Badges

G2 - Crowd Badge
G2 - High Performer (2022)
Capterra - 4.5 Stars
Capterra - Shortlist (2023)

Make it great for candidates, too

Getting Feedback

"Thanks for the awesome application process, @TestDome! I saw my score immediately, and I can now set my expectation."

Dodge Ronquillo via Twitter


"The tests are comprehensive and candidates see them as fair representations of their skill."

IT Admin. via G2

Work-Sample Questions

"The tests at TestDome let you think, do real programming, see errors, correct them and, in summary, do what you do when you are at a real work environment."

Gabriel Henao Silva