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Work-Sample Testing

Test a candidate's skills by giving them a sample of actual work. Research shows that work-sample testing is a better indicator of work performance than indirect measures, like education level, personality, or IQ.

Superior Screening

Our platform can detect the best candidates for you. Our tests automatically measure the accuracy and quality of candidates' answers. And you can easily customize the tests for any position.

Save time

Pre-employment tests save you time so you can focus on interviewing the most skilled candidates. Big companies use work-sample tests to screen millions of candidates every year so they can focus on the best.

Improve candidate quality

Some candidates might be shy or modest. Focus on testing their actual skills to find the right candidates and eliminate those whose only expertise is self-promotion.

Short Preselection Tests

Candidates don't like solving long, repetitive tests, and they don't have to. Our platform allows you to test the basic required knowledge in a short time. Candidates can take the tests from the comfort of their homes at a time that suits them.

Cheating Protection

The answers to classic multiple-choice tests can be easily found online. Instead of asking "What is X used for?", ask candidates to solve real problems. Our premium questions are unique, and we offer a refund if you find any of them answered online.

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