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Stop wasting time on people who look good on paper but can't do the job. Find top candidates instantly with TestDome's job skill tests.

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eBay uses TestDome to find the best candidates
Indeed uses TestDome to find the best candidates
NHS uses TestDome to find the best candidates
PayPal uses TestDome to find the best candidates
Turkish Airlines uses TestDome to find the best candidates

Find the Best Candidate

Identifying the perfect future employee from a big pile of resumes is like finding a needle in a haystack.
It's frustrating, time-consuming, and requires more than luck. Hiring doesn't have to be so hard.
TestDome's customizable job tests make it easy to find the best candidate fast.

Test Real Skills

Test Real Skills

See if candidates can do the job by giving them a sample of actual work. Use our pre-made questions to create a test that perfectly matches your job opening.

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Spend Less Time Interviewing

Spend Less Time Interviewing

Screen hundreds of candidates in seconds. Only interview the people who have the skills you need.

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Test Real Skills

Hire The Best

CVs and resumes don’t show you the full truth. Make data-driven hiring decisions and find the right person for the job.

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"We love TestDome because it allows us to quickly triage a deluge of resumes to find candidates with the skills we're looking for. Our CTO estimates he saves at least 2 hours per candidate."
Joe R. Capterra Reviewer

Skip the Resume Review

Use TestDome as the first step in your hiring process.

Simply include the test link in your job posting. Candidates apply for your job by taking a skills test.

The most qualified candidates rise to the top, giving you a shortlist of candidates to follow-up with.

Save Time

No more time wasted screening out hundreds of unqualified candidates.

Make Candidates Happy

Nobody likes updating their resume or filling in long application forms. Give your applicants a world-class experience that respects their time and their skills.
Hire better using TestDome

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See Why People Love TestDome

"We are very satisfied with this platform. It helps us evaluate candidates more accurately, and in less time. It has become a key step in our technical hiring process."
Robert Y. Capterra Reviewer

You're in Good Hands

We've helped more than 7,000 companies find the perfect hire.

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