Certifications from Microsoft or IBM take both time and money, but never ask you to write any
real code. However, you can take one of our free tests and get a certificate like this one:

Take one of our free tests and
get a certificate like this one:

Sample certificate

Share the certificate

You can easily share your certificate on:

Web Pages

Embed the small card
of your certificate:

Sample web page certificates


Add the certification
to your profile:

Sample LinkedIn certificates


We'll provide you with
links to share your certificate:

Sample resume certificates

How to Get One?

Follow the 5 steps described below to get a TestDome certificate:

1. Browse our public tests

Select one that you feel confident about, and hit the "Take a Certification Test" button:

Browse tests sample
2. Start the test

Check the test details on the login page and start the test:

Start the test sample
3. Take the test

The tests are timed, and you will have to code in your browser or local IDE:

Take the test sample
4. Identify your certificate

If your score is in the top 25%, we will generate a certificate for you. Enter your full name and a valid email address to receive the certificate:

Identify your certificate sample
5. Receive your certificate

This is what your certificate will look like:

Receive your certificate sample

You can also view a live sample visiting www.testdome.com/certificates/sample.

Certificate Deletion

The certificate will not expire, but the owner can request
it to be deleted at any time by contacting support.

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