All Features for All Customers

Even a $100 Starter pack has all the features that you'll ever need.

Test library

Custom multi-skill tests
Mix questions for different skills or
even custom questions in one test.
Custom questions
Add your own questions, or edit
existing TestDome questions.
Automated scoring
Questions are scored automatically,
from code to Excel questions.

Candidate flow

Invite via Email
Send invite emails one
by one or in bulk.
Invite via URL
Get a URL you can share for each test.
Put it on your job posting or send it individually.
Scheduled invites
Schedule when to send the
invites to your candidates.
Pass/fail grouping
Set a passing score to sort candidates
into pass and fail groups.
Candidate email notifications
Notify candidates by sending
them pass or fail emails.
Integrate popular applicant tracking systems
or make custom integrations
with Zapier or TestDome API.

Candidate test-taking

Cheating protection
Prevent cheating with copy/paste protection,
webcam proctoring, screen capture, and duplicate IP detection.
Real-world problem solving
Find bugs in code. Write an SQL query. Create an Excel chart. Show how you'd handle an angry customer.
Candidates can use online resources
Candidates can use online resources,
like in their everyday work.
Candidates get feedback on their score
Candidates are more likely to take the
test if they know they will get feedback.
Highly rated by jobseekers
Candidates like short tests
with samples of real work.


Skill breakdown
For each multi-skill test, you can
see a breakdown for each skill.
Statistical comparison
Know where each candidate stands
compared to other candidates.
Submission timeline
View candidates' coding progress minute by minute.
Webcam proctoring
Verify a candidate's identity and if
they took the test on their own.
PDF export
Export detailed candidate reports to PDF (sample).
Excel export
Export all candidates to Excel (sample).
Share reports via email/URL
Share reports with coworkers
or external parties (sample).


Multiple users
Add coworkers or external parties as
users with different permissions.
GDPR compliance
TestDome is fully GDPR compliant.
See our legal page.
Candidate anonymization
Candidate data is automatically
anonymized after a defined time period.
Integrate popular applicant tracking systems
or make custom integrations
with Zapier or TestDome API.

How TestDome works


Choose a pre-made test
or create a custom test


Invite candidates via
email, URL, or your ATS


Candidates take
a test remotely


Sort candidates and
get individual reports

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