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How many hires do you make each year?

How many resumes do you review for one hire?

How many people on your team review each resume?

How many candidates do you invite to interview for one hire?

How many rounds of interviews do you do for one hire?

How many people on your team attend each interview?

Your Estimated Savings With TestDome

110 Hours Saved

$3729 Saved

How We Calculate

  • Seconds To Review Each Resume


    • Career Builder study - 17% of hiring managers spend 30 seconds or less; 51% spend 30-120 seconds per resume; 32% spend more than 120 seconds per resume.
    • New College of the Humanities - Recruiters decide within 60 seconds whether or not to continue reading a resume. Recruiters will discard 20% of resumes before they even finish reading them, but they will spend 25% longer reviewing resumes of shortlisted candidates.
    • Recruiter Box - Reviewing applications can take up to 23.5 hours per open position.
  • Total Interview Minutes


    • This includes actual interview time, scheduling and prep time, and follow-up.
    • Indeed - In-person interviews typically last 45-90 min.
    • Recruiter Box - Interview prep for one position is ~1.5hrs.
    • Yello survey - 67% of respondents say is takes between 30-120 minutes to schedule a single interview.
    • Yello survey - Recruiters spend ⅔ of their overall hiring time on the interview process.
    • Yello survey - 35% of respondents said scheduling interviews was the most time-consuming part of recruiting.
  • Median Gross Hourly Wage
    $ per hour


  • Our Formula
    • Minutes Saved Reviewing Resumes
      ((ResumesPerHire * SecondsPerResume * PeoplePerResume) / 60) * HiresPerYear
    • Minutes Saved on Interviews
      (InterviewsPerHire - 5) * RoundsPerHire * MinutesPerInterview * PeoplePerInterview * HiresPerYear

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