TestDome API Webhooks

Event information

The TestDome API allows apps to get events about changes on candidates.

We will call your webhook whenever a candidate's status changes to a final state. Final states are Completed, DidNotTake and Canceled.

A delay of up to 1-hour is possible between a candidate's status changing and us sending the event. In some rare circumstances we might send a duplicate event.

Request payload

We will make a POST request and send you the CandidateEvent object in JSON format. The X-TestDome-CorrelationId header will be added with a GUID value.

In case something goes wrong, the correlation ID will help us map information between TestDome and you. This is a sample webhook request from TestDome:

POST /your-url HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 91
X-TestDome-CorrelationId: dbdc7382-d252-4376-ab6e-dead2f9d149a

  "candidateId": "f1950b31a9be4e55a6149c3c4dac942c",
  "testId": 1234567,
  "status": "Completed"

Expected response and retry logic

We will consider the delivery successful if the return status code is 2XX. Redirects will also be respected and the request has a timeout of 30 seconds.

We will consider the delivery failed if any of these conditions are true:

  1. The status code is not 2XX.
  2. The response takes more than 30 seconds to be sent.

If the event delivery fails, we will retry once. The retry sets the same correlation ID as the original request.

Also note that the response body, if there is any, is completely ignored.

Enabling the webhook

To start getting events go to the Integrations & API page and change the Webhook URL field in the account section. To see the field you need to have either the Owner or Super User role on your account.

Make sure your endpoint accepts requests from TestDome.com. These are the possible IP addresses:


If you want to be notified about IP changes, please contact support.

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