Creative Fabrica Reduced Hiring
Bias With One Simple Change

A design marketplace needed to verify applicant's skills, but they struggled to stay objective. They tried TestDome and saw an immediate reduction in hiring bias.

The Challenge: Keep Interviews
Short and Objective

Like most hiring managers, the hiring managers at Creative Fabrica wanted to make sure job applicants had the right skills for the job. First, the team tried adding a skill assessment to each interview. But they quickly ran into a problem.

It was impossible to stay objective. There was no unified way to score candidates, so bias crept in. Some candidates struggled to perform under the pressure of a live assessment, even though they seemed to have the required skills. Plus, there was never enough time to get everything done in a single interview.

The Solution: Test Candidates
Before the Interview

Roemie Hillenaar, CEO of Creative Fabrica, realized it was time for a change. He still wanted to test candidates' skills. But he needed a testing solution that would be fair and balanced. He also needed to find tests that could be done outside of the interview. Roemie decided to try TestDome. He created a skill test for a single role and was pleased with how TestDome improved both Creative Fabrica's assessments and their interviews.

"With TestDome, the process is much more objective because we are able to put a score on the skills of a candidate. This ensures there is no favoritism and allows us to objectively look at candidates. At the same time, the interview process is much more structured and organized, giving a better candidate experience," said Roemie.

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First we started using TestDome for specific roles. Once we found out that this way of recruiting was very effective, we scaled it to all roles. Now developers, community managers, product managers and all other roles are screened using TestDome.

Roemie Hillenaar from Creative Fabrica

The Results: Time Savings
of 60-80 Hours/Month

TestDome was so effective, Creative Fabrica scaled it. They now test candidates for all jobs, from developers to marketers to community managers.

With the ability to add questions from a variety of skills, Creative Fabrica's hiring managers can create a customized test that perfectly matches their job description.

"We are in an industry where there are a lot of people that have some of the skills, but don't check all the boxes for a specific role. With TestDome we are really able to select the best matches," said Roemie.

Roemie says his company saves 60-80 hours a month on recruiting by using TestDome. Unsuitable candidates are weeded out early in the recruitment process, reducing the number of interviews the team needs to do. Interviews are shorter now that skill testing is automated and occurs outside the interview. Plus, the quality of new hires has improved because Creative Fabrica can verify the applicant's skills before making a job offer.