LuckyWare Pro Decreased Time Spent On Interviews by 91%

To find the best hire, this software development agency interviewed all applicants. But it was taking too long. Our hiring tests helped them speed up the process.

The Secret to Business Growth
Is Hiring the Right People

For Andrej Adamenko, the secret to business growth is hiring the right people.

Andrej is a co-owner of LuckyWare Pro, a software development agency. Like many agencies, much of LuckyWare Pro's growth comes from word-of-mouth referrals. Keeping customers happy is one of Andrej's top priorities, which is why he invests a lot of time and energy in hiring excellent developers.

Andrej had a rigorous hiring process even before he discovered TestDome. "I believe the most difficult task for a developer is not to write code, but to read code," he said. "So we try to test the ability to understand complex or large code." Applicants for the Software Tester position had to come into the office, where they were given a program and asked to find as many bugs as possible.

During the test day, applicants could ask the Software Development Team Lead questions. At the end of the day, applicants presented the bugs they found to the Team Lead.

The Challenge: A Slow & Expensive
Hiring Process

In theory, this hiring test was perfect. In practice, it just wasn't working. "It took too much of the Team Lead's time, so the hiring process was slow and expensive. "We couldn't find a proper hire for the Software Tester position for a long time," said Andrej.

The Solution: Eliminate Weak
Candidates Early

Andrej realized he could save time and money by eliminating unsuitable candidates earlier in the hiring process. Instead of bringing all applicants into the office for testing, he would only bring in the top four or five.

To weed out weaker applicants, Andrej emailed everyone a TestDome assessment. TestDome's pre-written tests include "good quality test questions that are as close to the real work as possible," said Andrej. "They allow us to distinguish between good and bad candidates."

The test was short, so it didn't require much time commitment from applicants. Plus, the test was automatically scored, so the team didn't waste time on manual scoring. Most importantly, the test filtered out 90% of applicants, drastically reducing the number of in-person tests and interviews Andrej's team needed to do.

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The automated scoring system allowed us to prioritize candidates, so only the most successful in the TestDome test would go to the next stage of testing and interviewing.

Andrej Adamenko from LuckyWare Pro

The Results: Faster Time to Hire,
Less Time Spent Interviewing

"We tested 47 candidates with TestDome. Only four of them went to the next stage of testing in the office. And the person we hired was one of the last tested by TestDome. Without TestDome, we would have had to test all 47 applicants in the office, which could easily have taken a year because the Team Lead has other things to do. Also, the HR team would have had to fully interview all the candidates."

In total, Andrej estimates his team saved more than 50 hours filling just one position.