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About the test

The Data Science online test assesses the ability to use tools and techniques to analyze large sets of data, extract information, suggest conclusions, and support decision-making. 

The assessment includes work-sample tasks such as:

  • Applying a linear regression to a set of data.
  • Using Bayes' Theorem to determine the probability of an event.
  • Building machine learning models.

A good data scientist or data analyst needs to be able to extract knowledge and insights from data in order to support the decision-making process.

Sample public questions

5 min
Data Science

Two bacteria cultures, A and B, were set up in two different dishes, each covering 50% of its dish. Over 20 days, bacteria A's percentage of coverage increased to 70% and bacteria B's percentage of coverage reduced to 40%:

Petri Dish

20 min
Data Science
Decision Boundary

The following .csv file contains the data from a classifier model that predicts if an image contains a dog: predictions.csv 

The first column contains information if the dog is in the image or not. The second column contains the classifier prediction, which is in the interval 0-100, with higher values meaning that the classifier is more confident that image contains a dog.

What is the value of the decision boundary that will maximize the accuracy of the model? Values greater than or equal to the decision boundary will be treated as positive.

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Skills and topics tested

  • Data Science
  • Linear Regression
  • Outliers
  • Bayes' Theorem
  • Probability
  • Probability Distributions
  • Classification
  • Decision Tree
  • Machine Learning
  • ROC
  • Decision Boundary
  • Poisson Distribution
  • Binomial Distribution
  • P-Value
  • Curve Fitting
  • Correlation
  • Multicollinearity

For job roles

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist

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TestDome is simple, provides a reasonable (though not extensive) battery of tests to choose from, and doesn't take the candidate an inordinate amount of time. It also simulates working pressure with the time limits.

Jan Opperman, Grindrod Bank

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