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The Android and Java online test assesses candidates' knowledge of the Android operating system and its primary programming language Java.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good Android app developer needs to be able use Java and the Android SDK to design and create quality applications.

This online test requires candidates answer questions about the Android SDK and solve coding problems using Java.

Recommended Job Roles
Android Developer
Mobile Developer
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Sample Free Questions

Screen Orientation


Android Event handling Public

Which of these methods are called when the screen changes orientation from portrait to landscape in Android?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Shared Preferences


Android UI Public

Fill in the blanks, so that changes in the shared preferences are saved:

SharedPreferences pref = getApplicationContext().getSharedPreferences("MyPref", MODE_PRIVATE);
Editor editor = pref.______();
editor.putString("start_message", "Hello!");
editor.putString("end_message", "Goodbye!");

Alert Service


Java Interfaces Inversion of control Refactoring Public

Refactor the AlertService and MapAlertDAO classes:

  • Create a new package-private interface, named AlertDAO, that contains the same methods as MapAlertDAO.
  • MapAlertDAO should implement the AlertDAO interface.
  • AlertService should have a constructor that accepts AlertDAO.
  • The raiseAlert and getAlertTime methods should use the object passed through the constructor.
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