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About the test

The People Management test assesses candidates’ ability to develop, motivate, and ensure top performance by employees under their supervision. Workplace leaders who are responsible for assigning and overseeing employees’ work use their people management skills to make sure businesses achieve their strategic goals through an engaged workforce.

It’s an ideal test for pre-employment screening of candidates applying for a variety of roles that require managing people, including Executives, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leads. A good candidate will be able to help a business cultivate high-performing employees, keep staff engaged with their work, and effectively manage conflicts within teams and between managers and staff.

This test requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to perform people management functions in real-world scenarios through a series of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.

Sample public questions

3 min
People Management
Performance Evaluation
Performance Metrics

Before you are promoted from cafe manager to district supervisor next month, you need to recommend that one of your two assistant managers fill your position. They both started at the same time and one supervises the opening shift while the other supervises the closing shift.

What metrics will help you assess which assistant manager has performed better?

3 min
People Management
Conflict Management
Relationship Management
Team Communication

As their manager, Tom emails you that Maria is using her work computer in the office for her personal business, which violates company policy and can be grounds for firing. Both of them are excellent workers who are key to the team's success but they do not like each other.

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Increased Responsibilities, Poor Work, Next Manager, Return to Office, New Deadline, Assign Training.

Skills and topics tested

  • People Management
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Promotions
  • Coaching
  • Performance Metrics
  • Executing Strategy
  • Team Communication
  • Assigning Work
  • Delegation
  • Relationship Management
  • Learning & Development

For job roles

  • Director
  • Executive
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Team Lead

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TestDome is simple, provides a reasonable (though not extensive) battery of tests to choose from, and doesn't take the candidate an inordinate amount of time. It also simulates working pressure with the time limits.

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