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About the test

The React Native online test evaluates the candidate's knowledge of key concepts used to build UIs with React Native.

It is an ideal test for pre-employment screening . A good React Native developer should be able to work with the React Native framework to build high performance and user-friendly UIs.

The online test requires candidates to answer multiple choice and fill in the blank questions about React Native.

Sample public questions

A shopping app made with React Native shows a notification to users for product offers, as shown in the image below:

A rectangle with two lines of text.

Fill in the blanks below with appropriate code, so that the component will render with the styling of the image above:

const companyBlue = "#006fad";

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  container: {
    borderWidth: 2,
    ___________: companyBlue,
    borderRadius: 5,
    padding: 10,
  title: {
    __________: "bold",
    fontSize: 20
  subtitle: {
    _________: "italic"
  primary: {
    color: companyBlue

const Notification = ({title, description}) => {
  return (
    <View style={styles.container}>
      <Text style={[styles.title, styles.primary]}>{title}</Text>
      <Text style={[styles.subtitle, styles.primary]}>{description}</Text>
React Native
5 min

Consider the following code for a SoundBoard component in React Native:

const createSoundItem = ({item, index, onPressPlay}) => {
  return (
        <Button onPress={() => onPressPlay(} title={"play"} />

const SoundBoard = ({sounds, onPressPlay}) => {
  return (
        renderItem={parameters => createSoundItem({...parameters, onPressPlay})}
        keyExtractor={item =>}

The following array is passed as the sounds prop of the SoundBoard component:

[{ id: "001", name: "Glass Break" }]

What is true about the functionality of the SoundBoard component?

React Native
5 min

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Skills and topics tested

  • React Native
  • Styling
  • Components
  • Hooks
  • State Hook
  • Forms
  • Conditional Rendering

For job roles

  • Mobile Developer
  • React Native Developer

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