The Ruby online test assesses candidates' knowledge of programming in the Ruby language.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good Ruby developer should not only be able to solve problems using Ruby as the programming language but also be familiar with Ruby native data structures and language constructs.

This online test requires candidates to solve coding problems in Ruby as well as to find and fix bugs in a Ruby program.

Recommended Job Roles
Back-End Developer
Ruby Developer
Web Developer
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Merge Names


Ruby Arrays Public

Implement the unique_names method. When passed two arrays of names, it will return an array containing the names that appear in either or both arrays. The returned array should have no duplicates.

For example, calling unique_names(["Ava", "Emma", "Olivia"], ["Olivia", "Sophia", "Emma"]) should return an array containing Ava, Emma, Olivia, and Sophia in any order.



Ruby Strings Public

A palindrome is a word that reads the same backward or forward.

Write a function that checks if a given word is a palindrome. Character case should be ignored.

For example, is_palindrome("Deleveled") should return true as character case should be ignored, resulting in "deleveled", which is a palindrome since it reads the same backward and forward.

File Owners


Ruby Language Public

Implement a group_by_owners function that:

  • Accepts a hash containing the file owner name for each file name.
  • Returns a hash containing an array of file names for each owner name, in any order.

For example, for hash {'Input.txt' => 'Randy', '' => 'Stan', 'Output.txt' => 'Randy'} the group_by_owners function should return {'Randy' => ['Input.txt', 'Output.txt'], 'Stan' => ['']}.

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