The TypeScript and JavaScript online test assesses candidates' knowledge of programming in the languages of the web: JavaScript and TypeScript.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good web developer needs to be knowledgeable of the features and structures of JavaScript and the potential benefits that TypeScript offers in web page scalability and encapsulation.

This test requires candidates to develop solutions in JavaScript and answer multiple-choice questions regarding the features of the TypeScript compiler.

Recommended Job Roles
JavaScript Developer
TypeScript Developer
Web Front-End Developer
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Sample Free Questions

Color Type


TypeScript Arrays OOP Public

The following code initializes three types representing the colors: red, green and blue.

type ColorType = [string, number, number, number];
let red: ColorType = ['Red', 1, 0, 0];
let green: [string, number, number, number] = ['Green', 0, 1, 0];
let blue = ['Blue', 0, 0, 1];

Select the statements that are correct.

(Select all acceptable answers.)



JavaScript Language Public

Implement the ensure function so that it throws an error if called without arguments or the argument is undefined. Otherwise it should return the given value.

Uppercase Types


TypeScript OOP Types Public

The following code initializes strings as three different types and attempts to make them uppercase. Which statements about the behavior of the typescript compiler are correct?

let stringType: string = "string type";

let anyType: any = "any type";

let objectType: Object = "object type";

(Select all acceptable answers.)

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Filter, Stopwatch, Positive Numbers, Paragraph, Row Appender, Vectors, Function Wrapper, Confirm, Double, Hide Button, Open Interface, Person, Truthy Expressions, Album, Product Rating, Products, Snapshot, Table of Names, Word Count, Log Parser, Cards, Scale Font Size, New Folder, Log Patch, Loading Bar, Array Search, Validation, Height, A Tag, Garden Plants, Reorder, Screen, Post Comment, Date Transform, Segment, Username, Hobbies
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