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The Attention to Detail and Time Management test assesses a candidate’s ability to successfully produce thorough and accurate work in a timely manner.

It’s an ideal test for pre-employment screening of candidates applying for a variety of office-based roles that require juggling of tasks, competing time frames, and successful execution of fine details. A good candidate will be able to demonstrate the ability to plan and control time spent on various activities while closely following given instructions and producing error-free work.

This test requires candidates to both exhibit their level of attention to detail and demonstrate their ability to prioritize and schedule work through a series of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.

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Attention to Detail Exact Match Verifying Data New Public

Your company has been working to add old paper invoices to their new digital system. You have been tasked with checking the implementation to ensure that the details from the paper copy have been entered into the new system accurately.

Compare each item in the list below to see if the version displayed on your screen matches the paper copy.

In the Match? column, choose Y if the items match or choose N if they do not match.

Match? Item Type Paper Screen
____ Name Bhuvana Ananathram Bhuvana Anantharam
____ Order # ON8210384 ON821O384
____ Order Total USD 222,000.00 USD 222,000.00
____ Discount Code WX105782336 WX105782336
____ Address 1255 34th, 32356 1255 34th, 32536
____ Invoice # INPPD000065829 INPPD0000065829
____ Account # 7442830438Z 7442830438Z
____ IBAN AL352021109000000123 AL352021110900000123
____ Payment ALL 295,286.64 ALL 295.286.64
____ Payment Date 11/05/2018 11/05/2018
____ Ticket # 870088070 870888070

Compare Reports


Attention to Detail Identifying Mistakes New Public

Your staff has submitted the two reports below, which cover the sales and bonus data for seven employees.

Which employees have different information listed between the reports?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Coworker Voicemail


Attention to Detail Following Instructions New Public

You are covering for a coworker who is out on leave. Your coworker has left you a voicemail message specifying the tasks you will need to do for them.

“Hi there! Thanks so much for covering for me. So, the main thing you need to do is complete the monthly revenues spreadsheet. You can do that by looking up the latest ad revenue in the reporting from marketing. Oh but to do that you’ll need to log in with manager access. Ok, so after you do all of that, go ahead and check my email and then my voicemail to see if there are any requests from the executives. If there are any such requests, do those first unless you have an emergency request from another department. Once you’re done with fulfilling requests, please water my desk plant after you turn off the computer. Oh, wait, I should have mentioned that you need to send me an update email right after you finish handling the requests. OK, thanks again. This is a big help! I owe you lunch when I’m back.”

Place the tasks in the correct order.

1st:  _____________

2nd: _____________ 

3rd:  _____________ 

4th:  _____________ 

5th:  _____________ 

6th:  _____________ 

7th:  _____________ 

8th:  _____________ 

9th:  _____________ 

10th: _____________ 

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Prioritization Time Management Scheduling Attention to Detail Exact Match Verifying Data Identifying Mistakes Proofreading Following Instructions Alphabetical Order Basic Math Visual Attention
Recommended Job Roles

These are the job roles that we recommend for the Attention to Detail and Time Management online test.

Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
Project Manager

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