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The Bash online test assesses candidates' knowledge of programming Bash scripts for a Linux environment.

It's an ideal test for pre-employment screening. A good Bash developer needs to be able not only to solve problems using Bash as the programming language but also be familiar with Bash language constructs and commonly available utilities in Linux systems.

This online test requires candidates to solve coding problems in Bash.

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Free Sample Questions for Bash Test

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Bash Environmental Variable Public

The PATH variable is set in /etc/environment: 


And updated in .bash_profile:

export PATH=/usr/temp:$PATH:/usr/local/apps

Select the statements are correct.

(Select all acceptable answers.)



Bash Conditions Public

Select the statements about the output of the following script that are correct.

if [ $value -eq 100 ]
    echo "value is eq 100"
elif [ $value -gt 100 ]
    echo "value is gt 100"
    case $value in
    [1-3]*) echo "value is between 1 and 39 (inclusive)" ;;
    [4-5]*) echo "value is between 40 and 59 (inclusive)" ;;
    9[1-8]) echo "value is between 91 and 98 (inclusive)" ;;
    99) echo "value is $value" ;;
    *) echo "value is unknown" ;;

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Image Files


Bash File Globbing New Public

You ran a script that wrongly put its output image files in the 'work' directory inside the current directory.

Create a bash script that removes all the files in the 'work' directory that start with either 'out_0' or 'out_1' and end with '.png'.

For example, if the 'work' directory contains the following files: 

The 'work' directory contains out_0a.png, out.png and out_0.pdf

After running your script, both out.png and out_0.pdf should exist in the 'work' directory but out_0a.png should no longer exist.

See the example case for more details.

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Premium Questions for Bash Test

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Virus Scanner, Test New Computers, Problematic Executables, Generate Reports, Time-Sheet Software, Compiler Executable, Vulnerable Function, Spell Checker, Export, Mail, Rename, Sed, Hidden File
Covered Skills

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Bash Conditions Conditional Statements Iteration File Symbolic Links Environmental Variable File System Searching Unix Pipelines Compression Processes Strings
Recommended Job Roles

These are the job roles that we recommend for the Bash online test.

Bash Developer
System Administrator (Sysadmin)

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