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About the test

The Linux online test assesses candidates' knowledge of the Linux operating system and its programming using the Bash scripting language.

It's ideal for pre-employment screening. A good backend developer or Linux system administrator should be familiar with Linux as it's the most widely used server operating system.

This online test requires candidates to answer multiple-choice questions about the Linux kernel and its command line utilities.

Sample public questions

5 min
Unix Pipelines

The utility in the current working directory provides weather forecasts in your area.

When called, it outputs a 4-day forecast in the format "day: weather" separated by line breaks.

Write a bash script that outputs the number of days with a "Thunderstorm" forecast (case-sensitive).

See the example case for more details.

3 min
Linux Administration

The output of crontab -l contains the following job definitions:,
0 0,12 1 */4 * df -h /

@hourly du -h / >> /var/log/disk_usage

0 6 1-12 * * /usr/bin/testdome_candidates

Select the statements about the job definitions and schedules that are correct.

7 min

You ran a script that wrongly put its output image files in the 'work' directory inside the current directory.

Create a bash script that removes all the files in the 'work' directory that start with either 'out_0' or 'out_1' and end with '.png'.

For example, if the 'work' directory contains the following files: 

The 'work' directory contains png and pdf files

After running your script, both out.png and out_0.pdf should exist in the 'work' directory but out_0a.png and out_1.png should no longer exist.

See the example case for more details.

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Skills and topics tested

  • Linux Administration
  • Permissions
  • Processes
  • Bash
  • Environmental Variable
  • File
  • Strings
  • Authorization
  • Disk Partitioning
  • File System
  • Random
  • Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  • Logging
  • Firewall
  • DNS
  • Searching
  • Unix Pipelines
  • Compression
  • Conditions
  • Symbolic Links
  • Conditional Statements
  • Iteration

For job roles

  • Back-End Developer
  • Bash Developer
  • Linux System Administrator
  • Network Administrator

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TestDome is simple, provides a reasonable (though not extensive) battery of tests to choose from, and doesn't take the candidate an inordinate amount of time. It also simulates working pressure with the time limits.

Jan Opperman, Grindrod Bank

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G2 - Crowd Badge
G2 - High Performer (2022)
Capterra - 4.5 Stars
Capterra - Shortlist (2022)

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