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The English Comprehension test evaluates a candidate’s verbal ability with the English language, including the capability to both understand concepts presented through words and to clearly express ideas using words.

It’s an ideal test for pre-employment screening of candidates applying for a variety of roles. A good candidate for any job that requires communication in English will be able to display competency with vocabulary, syntactical word order, and understanding words and passages in context. This English Comprehension test can be used to screen a large group of candidates to select only those that display core competencies to bring in for an interview.

This test requires candidates to answer multiple-choice questions about words and passages in order to demonstrate their ability to comprehend business-level English.

Recommended Job Roles
Account Manager
Administrative Assistant
Call Center Agent
Content Writer
Customer Support
Digital Marketing Specialist
Financial Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Person
Sample Candidate Report

Sample Free Questions

CEO Announcement


English Comprehension Synonym Vocabulary Public New

"Today the CEO announced that the company will ______ into Europe next year."

Which words best complete the blank in the sentence above?

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Building Construction


English Comprehension Syntax Public New

All of the sentences below contain the exact same words. Choose the sentences which place all of the words in correct grammatical order and convey a sensible message.

(Select all acceptable answers.)

Meeting Projection


English Comprehension Context Homograph Public New

Your boss told you that you need to project more in meetings so that people standing in the back don't miss anything.

What does project mean in this sentence?

Currency Standards


English Comprehension Context Passage Set Public New

Carefully read the excerpt below.

The Bank of England has hardened(1) its stance on Facebook’s Libra digital currency, telling the social media company it must meet its highest standards to get the green light for launch in Britain.

In its toughest intervention to date, the central bank’s financial policy committee (FPC) said digital currencies such as Libra would need to reach the same high standards as those of traditional payments.

In practice, that would mean digital wallets enabled to hold Libra hitting standards that other cryptocurrencies have so far avoided. These include being part of the UK’s financial services deposit protection scheme, holding capital(2) to protect consumers, and being subjected to central bank stress tests.

In a warning to Facebook, the Bank’s quarterly FPC assessment of emerging financial risks said: "If payment tokens were used widely to facilitate routine payments, they should have the same level of operational resilience(3) and safeguarding as the use of debit cards to make payments from current accounts."

(Adapted from original text source)

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Meeting Departure, Convention Organizing, Strategic Guidance, Budget Oversight, Manufacturing Shift, Taciturn Jones, Customer Requirements, Consumer Demand, Arctic Predictions, Job Reference
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