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About the test

The Software Engineering online test assesses knowledge of software development and engineering concepts, principles, and best practices through a series of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.

The assessment includes work-sample tasks such as:

  • Creating RESTful APIs.
  • Using OOP principles and OOP design patterns to write reusable code.
  • Selecting an appropriate solution and software architecture to satisfy specific business needs.

A good software engineer needs a solid understanding of how software systems work together, how to optimize them, and how to design systems to avoid potential issues.

Sample public questions

3 min
Solution & Software Architecture
Software Architecture
Solution Architecture

During a discussion about architecture for a new web app the following sketchup was made:

Web app architecture

The authors of the sketchup forgot to write the descriptions for three components marked with red numbers.

Select the best choice, regarding the context, for the description that should define each component.

3 min
Data Structures & Algorithms
Algorithmic Thinking

For the following pseudocode functions, choose the big O notation that accurately describes its worst-case complexity.

3 min

You are searching for a web service that could be used to get the expected search volume of keywords for an online advertising platform. Before choosing the web service, your team wants to split web services into different categories.

Some web services lack proper documentation. Which documentation looks like it's describing RESTful APIs and which looks like it's describing SOAP-based web services?

Looks like? Documentation that describes getting the search volume of a keyword


  "keyword": "rio de janeiro hotels", 
  "volume": 10000 


Envelope body:

<m:GetSearchVolume xmlns:m = "">
  <m:Keyword>brazilian carnival</m:Keyword>
___ GET
5 min
OOP & Design Patterns

In a language that supports the OOP paradigm, we have the following code that serializes the content of a shopping cart to JSON format:

class ShoppingCart
  private content : Dictionary<Int, String> 

  public function serialize() : String
    return new JsonSerializer().serialize(content.clone())
  end function
end class

class JsonSerializer  
  public function serialize(value : Dictionary<Int, String>) : String
    // Code that serializes dictionary to JSON format and returns it as string
  end function
end class

A client wants to allow loosely coupled plugins to be able to serialize the shopping cart content to their own formats (e.g., XML). Select lines of code that, together, would extend the code above to allow this.

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Skills and topics tested

  • OOP & Design Patterns
  • Behavioral Patterns
  • Creational Patterns
  • Design Patterns
  • Inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • UML
  • Inversion of Control
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Complexity
  • Recursion
  • Solution & Software Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Solution Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Architecture Patterns
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Microservices
  • OOP
  • Network Security
  • Protocol
  • HTTP
  • REST
  • Tree Traversal
  • Binary Search

For job roles

  • Back-End Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Front-End Developer

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